Home Ambassador Program

The WearHacks Ambassador Program offers future leaders, who are truly passionate about making a change in their city, a chance to bring connected technology and hardware education to their community.

By building skills in leadership, networking, and community building, WearHacks Ambassadors complete our program as experts in hacking hackathons, and developing a close WearHacks community in their city.

Play a vital role in building the WearHacks Experience and create impact in your community.

Be the leader of the hardware education mission in your city, connect with us to start your journey.

“ – because in the real world that’s what makes for the winning products, the best experiences, and the legendary teams.”

–Abhi Ashutosh: WearHacks NYC Ambassador Leader


The Ambassador Program is the volunteer leadership position, and starts 4 months before a hackathon.

You and a team of like-minded achievers comes together and start a WearHack's community in your city! It all starts with planning a hackathon, making awesome connections and bringing emerging technology (think wearable, IoT, VR and AR) to those who want to hack! It takes lots motivation, but those who know the value will always succeed! To bring the ultimate WearHacks experience, and enhancing hardware education in you city's growing tech community- sing up below! <3

Convinced? Join us and become the next Wearhacks ambassador!