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We believe in the intrinsic motivation of the hacker, which is to passionately develop solutions to real world problems.

We provide the latest technologies, environment and mentorship needed to bridge this gap. Join 3000+ members and contributors in this growing field to fuel the change the industry needs by partnering with WearHacks.

Our Hackathons are a 48 hour technology marathon, where both novices and professionals, use our hardware library to create, collaborate, and network to build and expand on awesome hardware hacks and life changing ideas.


Our Hackathons feature the latest and greatest connected technology. Join the early adopters of the community.


Our creators come from all walks of earth, from students to professionals. Identify and meet to expand your network.


Our presence begins with a hackathon, stay involved and be part of the fun as our community grows.


Our presence begins with a hackathon, stay involved and gain global recognition as our community grows.

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