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We are the best, like no one ever was. To teach them is our real test, to train them is our cause.

There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all the crew.

Alexandra Lutchman | Operations

Boundless creative talent

Anam Alvi | Technical & Marketing

I love to build amazing things.

Ari Ramdial | Executive Director

Hoping to contribute to the evolution of the education system in the near future. Passionate about providing aid to developing countries.

Ashendri Wickremasinghe | Communications

To help and hype people. Engineer, Comic, Mentor. I put on many hats, to get things done.

Ayman Zakir | Corporate Sponsorships

I come from Athens, Greece. When I don't program either for work or school I play instruments, do sound design and read. A lot. Probably too much.

Georgios Kentritas | Technical

From a PoliSci & Comms background, she is passionate about helping others unlock their true untapped potential. Her motto:the devil is in the details!

Gisele Karekazi | PR and Communications

Enthusiastic about engaging individuals, creating communities of impact, and inspiring through technology education. Let's build and learn together

Hannah Cohen | Program Director

Disruptive Technology and Design Thinking. I want to transform society by using technology to solve the world’s hardest problems.

Imran Jameel | Product Design

Making meaningful electric connections | Dietitian-to-be powered by tech

Joanne Zhou | Hardware Partnerships

Small Island guy with big dreams! Politics, music, education policies, history and literature excite me to no end. Motto: Fight the good fight!

Kyle Dorsett | Euro-Ambassador Liaison

Tech Junkie learning biz dev and coding. Might occasionally be spotted at UofT trying to salvage some of that GPA. Mountain Biking is cool!

Makrand Gupta | Hardware Partnerships

I believe the time is now, to push the limitations of who we are as individuals.

Miti Bhavsar | Partnerships

The quick brown dog jumps over the lazy fox. Life's too short for lazy dogs.

Nadim Islam | Full Stack Engineer

Accounting background, she makes sure nobody goes to jail. WearHack's in-house dog trainer and boardgame pro! Coffee+Running=TheLife

Tian Xiao | Finance